Thursday, February 13, 2014

Buying Cheap Laminate Could End Up Being Expencive

If you have been tempted by the ads for where to buy cheap laminate floors, ads that talk about $1 per square foot, you can see these ads everywhere from your local news paper and advertising brochures in you mail. At first glance it all looks oke and sounds like a very nice price for a new laminate floor.

Spacers For Laminate Floors
But when you have bought this $1 per square foot laminate floor you will probably be very disappointed with the quality of the laminate, after all there is a reason that it is only $1 per square foot and that is that the quality of the laminate is crap (and the word crap doesn't even cover how poor the quality often is).

If you really want to know where to buy cheap laminate floors and how to save money on your floor then u suggest you keep reading, a lot of manufactures make a low end copy of their laminate collection, these are often this boards with a low end texture, that means you will be replacing your laminate floor sooner then you might thought when you bought the laminate.

In the older versions of laminate you also have to apply glue which could make laying the laminate a messy job and is better left to a professional (which cost money) the better types of laminate have a hard surface that exist out of aluminum oxide in the top layer to enhance the hardness and damage resistance and melamine to give it added strength.

The best way to buy cheap laminate flooring that is good quality is to shop around at discount flooring stores. If you are lucky you will be able to find one in your local area. Before you go, you may want to take a look at some manufacturer's websites and get a good idea of what types of products you like and don't like. Make yourself familiar with the process of making laminate as well as installing it so that you can decide which laminate is best for you.

If you don't have a discount flooring store in your area, or if you would rather not shop around that way, you can find dozens of discount flooring stores online with large selections of products. You can save 50 percent or more and you may even be able to get a deal on shipping.

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Installation instructions cheap click laminate

Tips & Tricks On Cheap Click Laminate

Step 1 
To protect moisture from below you need a  moisture barrier  film for protection Put this moisture barrier with the sides up against the walls ( at leas1 inch ) . Paste the vapor barrier with aluminum tape (or other waterproofing tape ) , or the job must have a minimum overlap of 20 cm . Then apply a leveling and insulating floor .

Step 2

 Begin laying the floor on a long , straight wall . Lay the first row of laminate with the groove facing the wall . Leave between the board and the wall a space of at least 0.5 inch . This expansion gap you need to create  around your entire floor also in doorways and pipes .

Step 3 

Push the laminate with their end faces in each other . Tap the end joints tight together , using the Click ' n Fix tapping block and a hammer . Beat lightly with the hammer against the stop plate to the front side closes properly . Never skip directly with your hammer on the floor , but this always use the stop block . This avoids damage to the floorboards.

Step 4 

Using the cut-off part of the latter part of the first row as the starting piece of the second row. Make sure that the jobs in brick come to lie . The distance between the end of the meeting first and the second row should be at least 30 cm . Place a wiggetje against the wall on the front side . Set the first part of the second row in an oblique angle of approximately 30 ° with the tongue in the groove of the floor member of the first row. Push the board down until the seam is closed. Place the second half and beat the top side lightly with the Click ' n Fix stop block .

Step 5 

Measure at the last row of the width and cut the parts to size. Again, keep an account of the space for the spacers ( at least 8 mm).

Step 6 

For heating pipes in your floor you must make . Recesses Think of an expansion gap of at least 8 mm around the tubes. Cut a V-shaped adapter and make sure it fits . Then, apply this glue to fasten with a wedge until the adhesive has cured. The recesses will then be provided with special heaters for rosettes .

Step 7 

For the perfect finish , you can finish the floor with matching skirting boards or lipping . Before you install it , you must first remove . All wedges For expansion joints the specially suitable profiles .

Step 8 

Your floor is equipped with a durable finish . Bring However, under chairs and furniture always felt pads on . Use only office chairs with rubber wheels . It's even better to explain . Transparent PVCmat down This protects your floor from scratches and dents .

Maintenance Laminate flooring is easy to clean. Do not use liquid abrasives and remove sand away immediately . There are special cleaners for laminate for sale that banding counter . There are also maintenance products that cover small scratches and a protective layer on the floor behind.

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